Word Up (Guitar 3)

Animated Word Up (Guitar 3) tab by Korn on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Guitar 3 is the Lead guitar and for the most part, it is easy. It mainly plays simple little fills throughout the song. The song is in D tuning, which means tuning each string down by 2 frets to the following:

D tuning: Low D : G : C : F : A : D

We're taking things from the second half of the song to show you all the lead fills. They are all played the same way throughout the first half of the song too, so you're not missing anything:

Verse Fill - Just 3 notes repeated and held. Very easy stuff!

Chorus Fill - This is also nice and easy, it involves just strumming between 2 different chord positions on the top few strings. Notice that at the end of the chorus he goes up to the 16th Fret, then moves onto the next song part. The good thing about these particular riffs is that there is some nice gaps between them, which gives you plenty of time to switch to the upcoming riff position.

Interlude Fill - Just apply vibrato to these long notes. Nice and simple stuff here.

Outro Solo - After another chorus riff, the lead switches into this fairly easy solo as an outro.

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