Word Up (Guitar 2)

Animated Word Up (Guitar 2) tab by Korn on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the secondary rhythm guitar. It isn't much more difficult than Guitar 1 but you do need to know your muting techniques! The song is in D tuning, which means tuning each string down by 2 frets to the following:

D tuning: Low D : G : C : F : A : D

Intro / Verse - While Guitar 1 does the intro, this guitar gets stuck straight into the main verse riff. It's just the top half of 3 chords (F# minor - E major - D major), but these are played on offbeats, with muting between strikes. Use both hands to mute - as explained in this video and this lesson. You can also thumb-mute the lowest 3 strings to stop them sounding while you play.

Chorus - For the chorus this guitar plays a 'sort-of' melody. The key thing here is to mute consistently between each note. You can use alternate pick strokes (down / up) if you find it easier. Notice that the second chorus is played slightly differently. It is nearly the same, except for the start and a few notes are played differently.

Interlude - This guitar plays the exact same lick as guitar 1. The difference is only that this guitar doesn't join in until halfway through the interlude.

Outro - Just repeat Chorus 1 twice until the song ends!

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