Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Main

Animated Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Main tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

From the Master of Puppets album, this is the main rhythm guitar part for the whole song. You need to switch between clean and distorted sounds to get from top to tail. You can hear all the solos in the normal speed audio, but we've removed them from the ActionTab just to concentrate on this main guitar part. We'll look at the solos next in separate ActionTabs.

Intro - Use a clean sound, add a little chorus to sound like James Hetfield. Alternate between the bottom of the fretboard and harmonics up on fret 12.

Clean Riff - Nice and simple, just hold the same powerchord shape and go up through the 3 chord positions shown, always picking the same 4 low strings in order. Then slide down from A to G major, and back up to A, hit the open D and repeat the whole riff again from the start. Play this during the verses.

Pre Chorus - Hit the distortion and prepare to rock. Kirk Hammet comes in with this riff as the Clean riff is still going, so you can hear the overlap. Use a lot of palm muting on these powerchords.

Chorus - The fun riff. Both guitars are on distortion here.

Verse 2 - Back to clean sound, play the same as Verse 1. Nothing new for this part, or for the next Pre Chorus 2 and Chorus 2. So you can skip on to...

Interlude - 'Just leave me alone!' followed by lots of headbanging. Do a pick slide here (drag the edge of your pick down the lowest 2 strings). Then let the hair fly for the fast thrashy bit that follows. Just constantly pick the Low E string with palm muted downstrokes, then open strike the A and D strings followed with a quick hammer on at either fret 1 or 2. It's actually not too hard, but it is fast and you need to play tight. As always get it right slowly first before building the pace when you practice. If you struggle with the speed, you can use alternate picking (down / up strokes) on the Low E, but try and get it right just using downstrokes if you can - that's how Metallica do it.

Verse 3 - Things slow down again for this riff. There is a harmony and solo played by Kirk over this.


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