Creeping Death (Main)

Animated Creeping Death (Main) tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This classic Thrash song is fast and played tight (most thrash is), but the good news is that it's not too tricky to play - as long as you start slow. It's a long song so we've listed all the different riff sections as Quick Links (below). These are all you need to get through the song from start to finish. A lot of the song is just repeating these riffs, so don't be put off - there's not actually tons of different things to learn.

That said, you will need to know about palm muting and open chord strikes - and preferably be able to do them! Use the Core Skills to get up to speed on that if you need to - we recommend starting here and also here.

Remember - go very slow and get it right first, then work on the speed. That is the fastest way to learn any song.

Quick Links:


Main Verse Riff - There's a 'frilly bit' here which uses the Hammer / Pull Off combo:

Pick the B note then Hammer On to the C note. Then pick the B note again, followed this time by a Hammer / Pull Off at the C note. The last pull off sounds the B again which you should just Pull Off straight away to get the open A note. It may sound complicated, but it's just using the hammer / pull offs together to get a rapid flurry of notes. We recommend practicing that little bit over and over until you get skilled at it.




Solo Backing


Break 2

Outro Riff 1

Outro Riff 2

Outro Riff 3

In the Normal Speed audio you can hear Kirk Hammet's solo, fills, fiddly doo-dahs, etc. We've mostly removed those from this ActionTab so you can concentrate purely on the main Rhythm Guitar (James Hetfield) and play the song through from start to finish without hearing too many guitars in the mix. Of course, next we'll look at all Kirk's fretboard wizardry - so in the meantime get these riffs tight and fast!

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