Whiskey in the Jar (Rhythm)

Animated Whiskey in the Jar (Rhythm) tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

To play this song you need to down tune each string by 2 notes to:

Low D:G:C:F:A:D

Unusually Kirk Hammett plays rhythm for this song while James Hetfield plays lead. We'll look at the lead parts in the next ActionTab. Although you can hear both guitars in this ActionTab audio, we only show the rhythm guitar part via animation...

This is nearly all powerchords, so is quite easy to learn. Just watch out for the muting between chord strikes (e.g. here). That muting makes the guitar part more punchy. Use your strumming hand to stop the strings too if you want.

Also, notice that very often the powerchords are played in 3's - starting with an upstroke. You don't need to do it this way around, you can start with a downstroke instead if you find it easier. However, a lot of Irish rhythms involve triplets (3's) and will be played as we show here.

This is originally a Thin Lizzy song. Thin Lizzy are an Irish rock group - biggest in the 70s / 80's. The famous guitarist Gary Moore played with them, so did John Sykes (Whitesnake). Thin Lizzy were one of the pioneer bands for using harmony lines with guitar - a bit like Iron Maiden. Phil Lynott the bass player / singer was the main creative force for Lizzy until his death. This Metallica cover is very good indeed and won them a grammy.

As you can see the powerchords are simple enough and run through the majority of the song / chorus. The only other parts are:

Bridge - This short section is only played a few times in the song.

Interlude - Switch to a clean guitar sound, just strum this simple chord sequence slowly.

Outro - Use some simple palm muting here and play out the end of the song (NB this part is all played using downstrokes).

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