Animated Tribute tab by Tenacious D on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main guitar for the song called Tribute, buy Tenacious D. It can be played through on an acoustic guitar, or clean sounding electric. At certain points a distorted guitar joins in to rock things up a bit. There is also a more atmospheric electric lead guitar playing fills. We'll look at those frilly parts in separate ActionTabs. Here are all the main song parts:

Main Riff - This verse riff is short and sweet. It repeats a LOT in the song. It's just an A minor chord played with hammer ons thrown in.

Palm Muted Riff - Short, nice and easy.

Pre-Chorus - Some standard chord changes here, nothing fancy but sounds good. Here's the progression:

A minor - G major - F major (repeat)

Chorus - More straightforward chords:

D major - F major - C major - G major - F major

Repeat those chords once, and on the last F major do this.

That's all the main song parts, but there are also the following diversions:

Chorus 2 - After the gap where Jack Black shouts 'Rock!'. These are the same chords as first time, but with a distorted rock guitar in the background and slightly different emphasis on the strums.

Bridge - After that chorus, the main A minor verse riff changes a little to include a G major chord. Then the song takes this twist:

A sus2 - G6 add9 - D major - F sus2 - A sus2 (repeat)

There is a gap in the middle of this part while they sing silly noises for a bit.

Ending - The song ends on a kind of spanish progression:

E major - F major - G major (repeat, sometimes with muting to break up the rhythm)

Then go bonkers on the F major and finish with this.

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