The Metal (Acoustic Fill)

Animated The Metal (Acoustic Fill) tab by Tenacious D on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the little acoustic interlude played by Kyle Gass during the song. Although the rest of the song is in Drop D, you can play this guitar part in standard tuning because the Lowest string isn't used during the interlude. Of course, to play the rest of the song, you still need an electric guitar tuned to Drop D.

All he's doing is fingerpicking through a chord progression. It is fast, but speed will come with practice - just work at getting it right slow first. Strum each chord (use your 1st fingernail or thumb) and then fingerpick through the rest of the chord notes. If you aren't a fingerpicking fan, you can use a pick instead:

E minor - D major - C major (ends with a slide / chord riff which is still C major based)

E minor - D major - C major (ends with a nice little descending lick)

C major - B minor - E minor

C major - B minor - E minor - end with harmonics at fret 12

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