The Metal

Animated The Metal tab by Tenacious D on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is in drop D, which means tuning the Low E string down by 2 notes to D, and leaving the rest of the strings in standard tuning:

Low D : A : D : G : B : E

The riffs are fast, and you will need to know how to do alternate picking whilst switching between palm muting and normal picking. Take it slow at first and only build speed with each riff once you have it nailed.

Verse Riffs - This part uses quite a lot of pull offs, and is best divided into 2 similar riffs (which are constantly repeated through the verses). Both riffs start the same way, but end differently:

1st Variation - Notice that the end of the riff ends this way

2nd Variation - Although this riff starts the same way, it ends with a higher lick

Just constantly repeat these 2 verse riffs until the bridge comes up.

Bridge - Start by playing the verse riff again, but stopping dead halfway through. Do this twice, then hit this powerchord sequence.

Interlude - Switch to a clean guitar sound and just play these backing chords:

E minor - D major - C major Play twice, then play C major - B minor - E minor twice. Finish with this harmonic

Meanwhile Kyle Gass plays an acoustic guitar over the top (which we'll look at in a separate ActionTab).

The song ends with a few different riffs:

Ending Riff 1 - This short repeating riff acts like a bridge to the next ending riff.

Ending Riff 2 - Start with powerchords (which are played by barring 1 finger in Drop D tuning).

Ending Riff 3 - Starts with fast alternate picking and palm muting on the Low D string each time.

Ending Riff 4 - End the song with this pull-off based riff.

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