The Crunge

Animated The Crunge tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a great little funky tune. It's a very good song for getting better with the basic funk techniques. That's because there are only 2 main riffs, and the chords are all the same simple shape (just 1 finger)!

Here are the two riffs:

Verse - Chorus

That's all you need to get through the entire song!

Make sure you watch the video on muting to see some funk style in action.

Notice that the chords here are not tricky. With Funk, a lot of the music is in the rhythm created by your strumming hand. When you mix the fast strums with chord-muting you get mad funky music! Work through the Core Skills section on Muting for more info.

Thumb mute the Low 3 strings to stop unwanted string noise if you can. And expect to find playing at full speed a challenge. Just get it right, then start building speed, always pushing a bit further each time. Play along with the ActionTab, and when you can play that smoothly enough, start pushing to get faster.

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