Rock Game 1 Part Two

Animated Rock Game 1 Part Two tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone. Use the Normal Speed Audio to get a feel for the proper pace of this exercise, then use the ActionTab to check out the next part of the scale game...

Having learned the E pentatonic minor scale in 2 positions, now let's alter the 'scale game' rules to start concentrating more on melody and licks. We'll keep things simple...the rules this time are simply this:

Use only the notes from the 2 E pentatonic minor scales we looked at in part one
Use the lower scale as the backing chords play through E5 - G5 - A5
Use the higher scale as the backing chords play through A5 - B5
Spice things up with different techniques (bends, hammers, pull offs etc)

The point here is to use the scales you've learned to start constructing your own licks. It is also to encourage you to think about what you are doing. The emphasis on switching between the high and low scales will help you 'tune in' to the backing music as it changes. You need to learn how to anticipate changes in the backing music if you are playing lead guitar. This is a very important skill to develop, and so is learning to switch between the high and low frets quickly! So use the ActionTab to help you get the idea. Learn anything you like the sound of, and when confident, go to the backing ActionTab and try out your own ideas!

Even though there may seem to be a lot going on, we are using only 5 notes, across a few octaves:

E Pentatonic Minor Scale: E - G - A - B - D - E (Octave)

Also notice how we use various techniques (bends, pull offs, etc) to get more from the melodies.

Switching between the low and high scales can be tricky at first, notice how we use the open strings during these switches to give time to shift hand position!

When you have got the hang of things with the backing ActionTab, move on to the next scale game!

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