Hammer On 5

Animated Hammer On 5 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Hammer Ons.

Like the last exercise, this is another common blues / rock lead lick, so is worth practicing. It involves hammers, but also bends. Make sure to listen to the Normal Speed Version and familiarise yourself with the lick. Knowing how it should sound in your head will help you practice it much better and also train your musical ear!

With this lick, it's all about controlling the 1st and 3rd fingers. Notice that the 1st finger is fretting across 2 strings at the 5th fret and that the hammer is used as an 'inbetween' note as we play between those 2 fretted strings (picking the A note after the hammer on). This gives us another triplet (3 quick notes played in the time of 1 normal note):

E - F# (hammered) - A

Repeat these 3 notes a few times until applying the bend on the high E string at fret 7.

Then just repeat the whole thing again and again until you get it tight, and your string control and technique is spot on!

NB - Start each 'triplet' with an upstroke. The next note is then the hammer on (no picking hand needed), and the 3rd note of the triplet is then the A note which is played with a downstroke. The whole trick here is to keep your pick tip between the High B and E strings. That way you will find it much easier to pick each note with uninterrupted flow!

Keep your 1st finger in place at the 5th fret throughout, so that it can assist your 3rd finger in performing the string bend, as well as be used in the repeating triplets part.

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