Rock Game 1 Backing

Animated Rock Game 1 Backing tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone.

The backing chords for this ActionTab are in the key of E minor. This is the most common Rock key. Many rock and blues songs are based in the key of E minor, typically using combinations of the following chords:

E minor, G major, A minor or major, B minor or major, D major

That isn't a definitive list of chords used when playing in E minor, but certainly the most common. You could probably get through half of AC/DC's rhythm tracks using just those chords!

In this ActionTab we show you a simple Rock chord progression. In true rock style we will use powerchords. That is because they sound good and strong, and are neither major or minor. This means they are less complex when it comes to working out solos over them.

Everything in the ActionTab is played with downstrokes (making it easier).

The chord progression is:

E5 Palm mute 12 times, using downstrokes. Then open strike the G5 and A5 chords.

Repeat this chord sequence 3 more times. Then just strike and hold A5 to B5 (palm mute this 3 times at the end to bring in the next E5 chord).

From there on the chord progression just repeats.

Practice until you can headbang and play without skipping a beat! Then, move to the next ActionTab and learn the E pentatonic minor scale in 2 positions. It's time to get stuck into the scale game!

Once you have completed the series, come back to this ActionTab and jam out your own melodies using that scale!

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