Rain (Guitar 1)

Animated Rain (Guitar 1) tab by The Cult on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a beginner friendly song. The guitar parts are quite easy, and fun to play. The song is made up of a few repeating riffs. Once you know them, you'll be able to switch between them and play the whole song:

Intro - Just pick through these 4 chord twice: D5 - D7 - C major - G major (there are some variations second time around).

Main Melody (Chorus) - This main melody is highly repetitive, and straightforward to play. Once you know it, just repeat where necessary.

Verses - Just simple powerchords, but they must be played with good timing. Use Downstrokes and Palm Muting between chord strikes.

Pre-Chorus - Powerchords again - strike each once, play and hold before the next Chorus melody comes in again.

Interlude - Similar to the Main Melody, and just as easy to learn.

That's all the song parts - just add, rinse and repeat! We'll look at the guitar fills / solo in the next ActionTab.

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