She Sells Sanctuary

Animated She Sells Sanctuary tab by The Cult on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This great little song is played entirely on just 2 strings - the D and G strings. It consists of the following sections:

Intro - Play through once

Main song - Starts with this Riff 1. Altogether there are 3 nice little melodic riffs for the verses. Here's Riff 2 and Riff 3. Repeat them lots.

Interlude - Repeat the Intro again then do this little lead lick.

Return to the main song riffs again until the Outro.

You may find that thumb muting the Low Strings helps avert unwanted string noise in this song, so use that if you need to.

Notice that throughout the song there are occasional chord strums played on a second (acoustic) guitar. They're very simple, so we've just added them to the end of this ActionTab. The main one is just this (Strum G major 3 times) e.g. here. The second one is played only once - during the interlude (e.g. here).

This is a great song for learning timing. There aren't too many riffs to learn, and they are quite similar in nature, so once you have the hang of playing along 2 strings for the first couple of riffs - you'll find all the rest come together more naturally.

Making melodies along just 2 strings can be fun and you can get very creative with them. Experiment for yourself and you'll see!

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