Sweet Soul Sister

Animated Sweet Soul Sister tab by The Cult on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is another great little song from the Cult. Here we see the main rhythm guitar, which is pretty simple stuff, only 4 (and a half) sections in fact...

Intro / Bridging Riff - This little riff is used at the intro, and later in the song is used to bridge together the verse and choruses. The tricky thing about it is that it uses some hammer / pull off combinations. However, it looks harder than it really is. The riff is actually very short and repeats a few times. Once you have nailed it, the rest of the song will be a doddle.

Verse - Really short and simple stuff here. The verse is just a powerchord progression, nice and short. The root key for the song is A minor. Finish by playing the Bridging Riff again, then hit the chorus...

Chorus - Again, nice and easy stuff. The chorus is just another short, repetitive powerchord progression. The only thing to watch for is this little part where he plays a few notes along the A string whilst holding the C5 powerchord.

After the first chorus, the guitar plays a simplified variation of the Bridge Riff just before the second verse. It's just to allow the lead guitar to do a little fill, and sounds good.

Interlude - This part comes before the last chorus. It's a very easy riff which is very short and repetitive. It only needs 2 fingers playing double stops at frets 7 and 10 (as shown). This part of the song is used to build up into the final chorus.

These are all the riffs you need to know to play the whole song. Everything else is just a repeat of the sections / riffs outlined above.

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