Animated Poison tab by Alice Cooper on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Awesome song - full of good riffs and the solo is a beauty. There are 3 guitar layers to go through here. First the rhythm guitar, then Guitar II, then the lead guitar (solo). We go through each part in order - always the rhythm guitar first, then guitar II (which does the nice melodic riffs), then the lead guitar (for the solo at the end of the actiontab). Use the normal speed version as a reference point to keep yourself right. The riffs are all played in the correct order there, without any guitar layers separated - just like the song.

There are 3 main segments to the song. Here is the order of the guitar parts as they appear in the ActionTab. The layers are always played together to help you get the timing right:

INTRO - Rhythm Guitar + Guitar II

1) First we show the rhythm guitar part
2) Then go back and show the famous riff played over the top of the intro by guitar II.

VERSE / CHORUS I - Rhythm Guitar + Guitar II

1) Again, rhythm guitar part shown first.
2) This segment is then repeated to show the Guitar II riffs over the top.

VERSE / CHORUS II - Rhythm Guitar + Guitar II + Lead guitar

1) Rhythm guitar first - plays through to fade out / song end.
2) We then go back to the part where Guitar II riffs over the top. The solo is excluded from the audio here to help you concentrate on just guitar II.
3) We go back again, this time to concentrate on the solo. All guitar parts are included, but the solo is kept loudest to help you learn it easier.

If you are familiar with the song you should have no problems with identifying which part is being shown. If in doubt, play the normal speed version because it follows the song at the right speed.

The rhythm guitar parts are easy, and beginners should have no trouble with those straightforward powerchords.

Guitar II parts are trickier. You'll need to some awkward stretching between your 1st and 4th fingers. If you aren't used to that, it will take time for your fingers to manage. Your muscles will get used to the stretches with practice, so keep at it!

The solo involves some use of the whammy bar for dips and vibrato. Just listen out for where it is used. The fast run at the end is not as tricky as it may sound at first. Play it out slowly, and build up your speed - with time you'll get it!

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