School's Out (for summer) Lead

Animated School's Out (for summer) Lead tab by Alice Cooper on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar plays a handful of licks which are dotted throughout the song, beginning around the first chorus. The lead guitar is mostly used to play occasional licks that bounce off the vocal lines. But there is at least one part that can be considered a solo. That starts after the first interlude - here.

Unusually, we've done this recording at its proper speed. In other words - it's not slowed down. So you will probably need to use the slow down feature / tablature view on the faster bits. We did this deliberately because there are many long-held bends that die out too soon at slower speeds, making the lead sound wrong.

This is actually a great song to learn the lead for because each lick is very common in classic rock. And conveniently, each lick tends to be separated nicely by gaps. You can pick out many nice lead phrases here and see how they are done. Each one is quite short and easy to practice (except for the solo, which is the most complex part of the song).

If you are new to lead guitar, try picking out some of the easier lead licks and work at them. There are many to choose from. Here's a nice short lick to start with. End with heavy vibrato on that last note if you don't have a whammy bar.

For a lot of songs, lead guitar involves playing a collection of short licks (or 'phrases') like this. By learning some common phrases and licks from such songs you can start developing a repertoire of your own favourite licks. Then mess around with them to create your own personal solos. That is how many lead players start out learning and developing their own style. If this one is too difficult or fast, pick an easier tune to learn - there are plenty on the site!

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