School's Out (for summer) Backing

Animated School's Out (for summer) Backing tab by Alice Cooper on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the second guitar part for School's Out by Alice Cooper. This guitar backs up the main guitar (which you can see here). There aren't many differences between the 2 guitars. The main difference is that this backing guitar plays a lower riff during the verses in order to support the main guitar.

Intro - This is the exact same riff as the main guitar. We recommend beginners check out the other guitar part to see an easier way of playing this particular riff. It's only played by this guitar during the intro. Notice that this guitar holds the E major and F major chords. Use the whammy bar to waver these chords.

Backing Riff - While the first guitar continues to play the signature verse riff, this guitar plays a lower riff down at open position to back it up. This riff is based around the E chord, and is basically just using lower notes. If you can already play the main riff, this one will give you no problems.

After this point the rest of the song parts nearly are the same for both guitars...

Pre-Chorus - This is just some powerchord stabs played before the chorus. Mute the strings with your fretboard hand between stabs to get the right kind of choppy effect.

Chorus - Exactly the same as the main guitar.

Interlude - Both guitars end the chorus with 3 chords. This guitar plays 3 different chords to the first guitar: A major - G add9 - F major Then the guitars do nothing for the rest of the interlude.

The rest of the song is just more of the same riffs. The only real difference is the second interlude and ending of the song. Instead of playing the 3 chords earlier, play these 3:

G5 - F major - C major (with G for lowest note)

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