Love Hungry Man

Animated Love Hungry Man tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a good AC/DC song for beginners to learn. There aren't too many chords, and nearly all of the song is based around variations of the same 4 chords. Skip the solo backing at the end of the ActionTab if you are a new guitarist and leave it until you are ready. Focus on getting the main song parts right before getting into that.

The band originally recorded the song in Eb tuning (tune each string down by 1 fret). However, we're just playing it in standard tuning to save you re-tuning your strings.

Part 1 - Just keep cycling through 4 chords. Nice and easy. Just one strum per chord, but focus on getting the right timing. AC/DC are famous for solid timing. You could set swiss clocks by them, which means they are a great band to learn from. Good rhythm playing always comes before good lead, and tight timing is an essential foundation to have.

The 4 chords are: D major - G maj7 - G5 - A major (hold)

Repeat it a lot, and focus on getting that timing right. Anticipate each chord change. That means changing chords a little before the beat, so that by the time you strike the next chord it's tight to the beat.

Part 2 - This is nice and simple too. Just keep holding the A major chord and strike it once per bar (i.e. on the first main beat of every 4 beats). Listen and mentally count to get the right sense of when to strike the chords.

Part 3 - Although the strumming is faster here, it's not too hard. All you need do with your fretboard hand is play the A5 chord a few times with your 1st finger, and release to play the open strings briefly (just take your finger off the fretboard quickly for one strum and replace it again).

Practice this part very slowly and get the motions all correct. Then work at speeding it up.

Occasionally throw in the chords from Part 1 while singing 'love hungry man' during this part of the song - like here

Part 4 - This is the backing guitar while the solo starts. Just add / remove your little finger to switch between D major and D sus4. Then return to playing the main riff (part 3) again.

Part 5 - If you are a new guitarist, then skip this part until you are ready for it. The chord changes are quick and will take work. This part is played later during the solo:

C major - F major - A minor - G major - C major - Em7 - then play Part 4 again for a while. The very end of the solo involves repeating this little chord sequence:

A5 - D major - A major

And that is all you need to play the rhythm guitar for the whole song!

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