The Jack

Animated The Jack tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a pretty easy blues rock song following the 12 bar blues format in E minor. If you want to understand more about the 12 bar format, look in the Jamzone - there's plenty of examples and information there.

Here is how to play the song on 1 guitar. Apart from the solo, the hardest thing is possibly the first part of the intro riff, because of the finger stretching involved. Angus plays it on a Gibson SG guitar, which have shorter fret spacing - and even with that it can be a stretch. So, we show you first how he does it, then we show 2 alternate ways to do it:

Intro - Angus

Intro - 1st alternative

Intro - 2nd alternative

Just use whichever one is best for you. Also notice that throughout the song a lot of muting is used in between chord stabs. You can mute with your fretboard hand, or use your thumb / forefinger of your strumming hand to stop the strings (or both hands). It doesn't really matter how you do it, as long as you get that nice choppy effect by muting the strings straight after playing them.

For the main verse riffs, things get easier on your fingers and follow the 12 bar blues format in E. Just turn down the volume on your guitar or switch to a clean sound for these parts. Kick in the volume / distortion again just before switching to the chorus.

The chorus is just as straightforward, using the same blues rock style.

There is a simple turnaround in the song followed by the solo.

There is one part which is just playing 1 chord stab per bar.

All the above song sections are just repeated, and then end the song with this lick and frantic strumming!

Have fun!

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