Whole Lotta Rosie (Malcom)

Animated Whole Lotta Rosie (Malcom) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

As usual Malcom plays rhythm guitar and Angus plays lead for this song. The riffs are classic AC DC - very punchy and using standard rock chord progressions. In this ActionTab we'll show Malcom's guitar (which is easiest), and deal with Angus in the next ActionTab. However, you can still hear both guitars played together in the Normal Speed Audio.

AC DC are one of the best bands to start learning rhythm guitar with. Their timing is impeccable and chord changes are simple but used cleverly. This song is a good example.

Most of the song revolves around the A5, D5 powerchords, using the C note inbetween. These are simple enough on their own but switching between them quickly will be a challenge at first. Just practice the first riff over and over until you get it. Also, it is very important to mute the strings as shown - Especially between riffs. Muting the strings at the right time makes the riffs much more punchy.

After the intro riff, the first verse comes in. It's the same as the intro riff except you need to keep punching out the A5 chord instead of muting it for a long time.

After the verse riffs comes the pre-chorus of:

F5 (3 times then hold)
D5 (3 times then hold)

Then the chorus:

A5 twice
open A once
G major

repeat that 3 times then alternate between G and F# notes (nice and easy). Then end that riff on the G# note and return to the verse riffs again (the same as before).

Once you can play through those parts, you'll find the rest of the song just as straightforward. The chords are simple, but the timing is precise - and don't forget to mute inbetween to keep that rhythm line punchy!

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