Let me put my love into you

Animated Let me put my love into you tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song uses some simple, but great, little riffs. A very good tune for beginners to practice. The song is off the Back in Black album, which is regarded by many to be AC/DC's finest album. The rhythm / timing is vital when playing AC / DC stuff, and this song is no exception.

There are only 3 main song parts to learn. The Intro / Verses, the Pre-chorus and the Choruses.

During the Intro and Verses the chords are:

E min - D major - E min - Play 3 times, but on the 3rd time add the A5 chord.

Repeat that all again, then afterwards start adding the Open Low E String just after the held E minor chord.

Swap between using that open E string and not using it.

The pre-chorus ('Don't you struggle - Don't you fight' etc) involves fast hammer / pull offs to E5 and A5.

The pre-chorus is the trickiest part of the song, so will take practice. The fast hammers / pull offs are actually not as hard as they first seem - just go at it slowly, then build speed. You'll soon get it.

The easy Chorus uses the ambiguous D5 - A5 and E5 chords. That means they aren't either minor or major chords, because no third note is used. NB, this is useful for doing solos over - as it leaves more scope for forms of either scales to be used over these chords.

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