What do you do for Money Honey (Lead)

Animated What do you do for Money Honey (Lead) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see what Angus plays on lead guitar throughout the song. In terms of main chorus and verse riffs, he plays the exact same as the Malcom on Rhythm Guitar. However, he does play the a few parts differently, and of course has solos / lead fills too. The solo is fast and difficult, hence the difficulty rating. It's not for beginners.

If you just want to learn the basic song, learn the other ActionTab.

Intro - The intro is just the chorus. However, while Malcom plays the chorus, Angus alternates between 2 high powerchords instead. Easy. This only happens during the intro.

After that, Angus plays the same Verse and Chorus stuff as Malcom. We've already gone over those riffs in the Rhythm ActionTab, so here we'll move on to the alternative parts played by the lead guitar...

Verse Fill - After the first chorus, Angus plays this easy little lead fill during the first parts of the following verse. He then rejoins the rhythm guitar again, playing the same riffs.

After the next chorus, he plays the E5 powerchord 4 times, then breaks into the solo. The solo starts with A pentatonic minor scale licks, and is typical Angus. However, halfway through the solo he starts alternate picking double stops. A double stop is 2 notes played together. He starts out quite fast and consistent with the picking, and then doubles the speed here. This is sometimes called Tremolo Picking. It's very fast alternate picking, and requires practice to get fast and consistent.

Get the rhythm hand tight first when practicing tremolo picking. Don't worry about your fretboard hand. Just practice on the same double stop until you get it fast and tight. Once your picking hand is able to do it subconsciously, then work on the fretboard hand and changing notes with it.

After the tremolo picking he reverts to the E blues / natural minor scale. This is done over the Verse riff and he ends it just in time to join in with the rhythm guitar again for the last chorus.

Outro Solo - Because you haven't had enough yet, Angus decides to play lead over the outro. It's shorter than the main solo, but fast in places. He uses it to tail off and end the song in rock star fashion.

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