Big Gun (Angus)

Animated Big Gun (Angus) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Angus plays the same riffs as Malcom on rhythm guitar (shown here). The difference is that he plays a little lead lick during the intro riff, and of course, does the solos.

Intro - Same as Malcom - Just E5, D5 and A5 powerchords. However Angus also plays this little lead lick in the gaps. This riff is used more than once in the song, mostly between verse sections.

Main Riff - This catchy riff is the backbone of the song, and Angus plays it the same way as Malcom. It's a repeating riff for the main verses in the song. Use downstrokes for everything, and you can use slight palm muting to make it a bit more rocky if you like.

The riff always repeats after this A5 powerchord and last G note.

Play the riff through 4 times, and then switch it all to the A string once. It's the same riff, just shifted across by a string.

Turnaround - The song is based around a typical 12 bar rock format. Just like 12 bar blues, this means a turnaround is used to bridge song sections. In this case, the band just play this sequence of powerchords:

B5 - A5 - G5 - D5 - A5

Then replay the intro riff again, but add this cool little fill just before the main riff starts again.

Turnaround variation - Just before the solos begin, Angus plays the tunraround again, except 1 octave higher this time.

Solo 1 - For the first solo Angus mainly uses the E minor blues scale, there's lots of typical rock n' roll style licks here. It's not beginner-friendly. There are 2 main solos, at the end of this first solo play the intro lick again this way. And then finish off with the rather large Solo 2 (more blues scale for ya).

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