Jazz 2-5-1 Mixolydian 2

Animated Jazz 2-5-1 Mixolydian 2 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Jamzone where we are looking at using the modes to add flavour to a basic 2-5-1 Chord progression in the Key of C major. Make sure you have read the article. It will help you crack one of music's most difficult areas - modes, and how to use them.

Now you've played through the basic mixolydian scale, let's work through it in a 4-step pattern. This is an excellent finger exercise. Not only does it familiarise your fingers with the scale notes, but your ear too. Use alternate picking (constant down / up strokes).

All we do is play through the scale 4 notes at a time, starting at the next note along each time. Watch / Listen to the ActionTab and you'll see how it works.

The G mixolydian mode is: G A B C D E F G. Like the last exercise, we ascend and descend through 2 octaves.

Using step patterns like this is a very good way to unlock your fretboard. It improves dexterity, and can even be used as a musical technique all by itself. Many solos have parts where there is a simple step pattern like this.

Also, listen to the feel of this scale. As we discussed in the article, it may use C major scale notes, but there is a subtle difference when Starting / Finishing the scale from G. This is more apparent if you then play the C major scale as a comparison. Both are quite happy scales, but the mixolydian tends to be a little more reflective and breezy (to me at least).

One last thing. On the B string, you need to change finger positions. There are 2 common ways of doing this. We show one way ascending here, and the other way when descending. The second way is where you fret across 2 notes with your 3rd finger here. Try both and see which you prefer (I actually do it just as shown here using both ways. It's easier for some reason).

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