Jazz 2-5-1 Trading Phrases A

Animated Jazz 2-5-1 Trading Phrases A tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone. Click here to read the main article. Refer to that for scale diagrams.

So far we've applied the mixolydian and dorian modes to our Jazz 2-5-1 Backing chords. Now let's do something we'll call Trading Phrases. That means swapping between the 2 scales to create melodies.

This is a simple, but important thing to do. It reinforces the scales for you, so you don't forget them. It also gets you into the habit of switching between neck positions. When performing your own improvised solos this is very important. You can only play tunes in 1 position for so long before it starts sounding limited. You need to diversify - and switching between scale positions is one major way of doing that.

It's pretty obvious when we switch because the 2 modes are quite far apart. Whenever we're down at fret 3 its the G mixolydian, and whenever we're up at fret 10 it's the D dorian mode.

D Dorian - G Mixolydian - D Dorian - G Mixolydian - D Dorian

Once you get the idea, load up the Backing ActionTab, loop and Jam. Use the tricks we've shown you so far in the series - muting, slides, double stops, whatever tickles your fancy!

Remember that the root notes aren't the only important notes. The F and B notes are also very influential in both modes. Make a mental note of them and use them more, and try to use the C note less. This will cause the modal melodies to be stronger and the main Key scale of C major to be less influential.

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