Animated In the Fade tab by Queens of the Stone Age on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is quite a beginner-friendly song, and sounds great - especially during the verses. It will help if you have an Effects Pedal (FX), but it's not vital to play the song and enjoy it.

Get it right slowly at first. It will take time to build speed with the song, but keep practicing - the speed will come with patience. There are only a few riffs used throughout the song:

Intro Riff - The intro involves cycling through just 4 pairs of notes (called double stops).

Verse Riff - This is where things get a little interesting. This part is actually just 4 more double stops (similar to the intro). However, he uses an FX pedal to create the echo effect. If you have an FX pedal you need to set it up to play with Delay (echo) and Pan (if you have it). Set it so that the delay causes each double stop to repeat regularly after you strike. If you have a pan effect, set the pan to 'bounce' between left and right channels.

If you have an FX pedal then this part of the song is easy to play and sounds great. You only need to strike each double stop once, and then mute - the pedal will do the rest. All you need to do is make sure you get the first double stop played on the right beat.

If you don't have an FX pedal - fear not - you can get close to the right sound without it. You will need to regularly strike each double stop and mute it - like we show from here. Strike a bit more gently each time to emulate the echo effect. It won't sound perfect, but it will be close enough to enjoy playing the song without too much trouble.

Chorus Riff - Keep cycling though these 3 chords:

A major - E major - C#5

Then switch to this little lead lick.

Outro Riff - At the very end of the song this simple repeating lick is played by the lead guitar over the chorus riff. Its easy, but you need to pick quite fast and consistently.

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