Animated No one Knows (pt2) tab by Queens of the Stone Age on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The second part of the song involves much of the same riffs as we saw in part 1. The differences in this part are mostly down to a few riff variations and playing the solo too. We're in D tuning (rather than C) to be nice to your guitar:

From standard tuning, tune down each string by 2 notes to get D tuning:

Low D : G : C : F : A : D

Last Chorus - This chorus is exactly the same as part 1, except at the end where it builds up to the solo. So, for starters just alternate between these 2 riffs:

Riff 1: A short octave chord progression. This riff is used twice, and there is also one variation of it in the middle.

Riff 2: The second riff is just alternating the A5 and Low D note.

At the end of this chorus, stick to the same style of playing used in the second riff, but move up to fret 12 and play the following progression.

Once this riff has finished, there's a short pause while the bass guitar plays and then comes the solo.

Solo - This involves a lot of sliding along one string. Notice that the highest open string is sometimes played too. You can do that if you wish, or leave it and just stick to the notes along 1 string. It really won't matter if you leave out that open note while you play. The very last lick of the solo is the hardest. It's a very fast, repeating lick. It definitely takes practice to get right at full speed!

Verse - There's another pause after the solo. Then kick off with these harmonics and play the main verse riff again (which we covered in part 1). There's nothing really new for that, except for the very end (which also closes the song):

End - Once again with the main D major chord, just stab and mute 5 times and that's it!

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