Animated Little Sister tab by Queens of the Stone Age on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Although quite fast, the chord progressions and main riffs that make up this song are not difficult to learn. Josh Homme (singer / lead guitarist) loves to slide a lot in his lead licks and the band tend to base their songs around repetitive, simple riffs. This song is a typical example...

Verse - This is the main riff in the song. It is just 4 powerchords constantly repeated:

C#5 - G#5 - E5 - G#5

Bridge - Occasionally during the verses this little bridge progression is played to spruce things up:

C#5 - F#5 - E5 - D# - C#

Chorus 1 - This is what the lead guitar plays during the choruses. It's all played on just 2 strings, but you need to alternate notes along the D string as shown in the ActionTab. Here's the basic progression:

F#5 - E major - G#5 - F#5 (repeat)

Chorus 2 - This is what the rhythm guitar plays (underneath the lead guitar) during the choruses. It's very similar to the lead guitar riff, but lower on the fretboard:

F#5 - E5 - G#5 - F#5 (repeat)

Sliding Lead lick - This great little sliding lick is played entirely with 1 finger.

Bridge 2 - Around the sliding lick there is a mini-bridge which is just 4 chords:

C#5 - D#5 - E5 - G#5

Solo - The solo comes at the end of the song and plays out until the end. It starts with the same sliding lick as before, then progresses into a fuller rock solo. At the outro (end of the solo) he breaks into a more rigid style of lead lick to end the song.

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