I'll Supply the Love (pt1)

Animated I'll Supply the Love (pt1) tab by Toto on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is quite a straightforward song for electric guitar. We're showing it in 2 parts because there is an overlap between the solo and backing guitar (only 2 chords). So in this first part we show the first half of the song, up to the end of the solo. Unusually, the solo is easier than the other song parts to play. You'll need to switch between a distorted and clean sound for the verse / chorus riffs.

There are only 3 short riffs here:

Verse - This main riff is a simple chord progression, with 2 different tails. Here is the main progression:

Cm7 - B major - A major

Then cycle through Tail 1: A major - B major

and Tail 2: Cm7 - B major - A major (hold)

Chorus - Switch to a clean guitar tone for this part. It is a funky riff, based around the Cm7 chord at fret 4. It is fast, but not hard as long as you practice it slowly first, and then build speed.

Solo - This solo is probably the easiest part of the whole song to play. It is just a simple repeating melody, and very beginner friendly.

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