Houses of the Holy (Main)

Animated Houses of the Holy (Main) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is actually on the Physical Graffiti album, not the 'Houses of the Holy' album. It's typical Jimmy Page, with riff-based rock and a few guitar layers. Here we look at the main guitar. This ActionTab shows all you really need to know to get the main song parts down. We'll show the extra guitar stuff (like the solo) separately.

There are only a few main riffs to the whole song:

Main Riff - This main riff is very short and repetitive. Once you know it, you'll have most of the song down. Notice that it is all downstrokes, except for this tiny flurry. You need to get tight timing and clean punchy strikes in your strums.

As usual the trick is to break it into small chunks. Go at each chunk as slow as you need to. Get it right before building speed. When you have it down, move onto the next chunk. The main riff is very short, so you shouldn't need to break it down into too many chunks.

Chorus - This is just some standard chord changes:

E major and a tiny lick (just keep holding E major if the lick is too fiddly). Then play D sus4 - D major - G major (NB this is a tricky chord change. You can cheat and just play the D sus4 chord again instead) - D major - A major - Repeat.

Just repeat that progression a few times. On the last time, about halfway through, just break straight back into the main verse riff again.

And that is all you need for the whole song! The rest is just little lead licks that Jimmy throws in, or slight variations of the main song parts. Listed below:

Lick 1

Chorus ending variant

Lick 2

Lick 3

Outro verse riff variation - There is a second guitar here playing a higher chord over the top. We'll show that in the next ActionTab.

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