Fretted Tapping 4

Animated Fretted Tapping 4 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

OK, this time we use the same format as the last 2 exercises, but start getting a little more intricate with the triplets. This will make things more musical and give you some pointers for messing about to get more from your tapping!

Again, make sure to listen to the normal speed audio (Under Tools in the Menu). Halfway through, the fingertapping kicks in at full speed. However in the ActionTab, the tempo is suddenly slowed down to show the fingertapping at a more comfortable pace when it kicks in.

The backing chord progression is shown at normal speed at the start of the ActionTab. The chord progression is the same as before:

F#5 - F#5 - G5 - F#5 - A5 - G5 (8 palm muted downstrokes) - Repeat.

Messing with Triads

So in the last 2 exercises we looked at tapping out major and minor triads via triplets. This time we'll mix in both triad types, and mess around with the tapping hand too. You should definitely make sure you can follow the last exercise - it will make this one much easier to understand.

We are sticking to the same triplets as before, but with some exceptions. Basically, whenever there is an F#5 or G5 in the backing chords, we play an F# minor and G minor triplet (same as last exercise). However, as the A5 backing chord is played we switch to an A major triplet, not A minor:

F# Minor triplet: F# - A - C#*
G Minor triplet: G - Bb - D*
A Major triplet: A - C# - E*

* Remember that we tap down through in reverse order (e.g. C# - A - F#).

Also, for each triplet - after 4 taps we change the tapping note, but not the fretboard hand notes. Don't worry, it's not too difficult to get....

Play: C# - A - F# 4 times then...

C# - A - F# 4 times

In the last exercise we just played this F# triplet 8 times over. This time, we are still playing it 8 times, except we are changing 1 note (the tapped note) halfway through for 4 times. The fretboard hand notes stay the same, only the tapped note changes. This is done for each triplet. So you need to think in 4's and not 8's for this exercise.

Just practice this first F# triplet over and over - switching the tapped note every 4 taps to a different fret until your fingers get used to the idea. Then the rest of the ActionTab will come much more easily.

Something to watch out for is the A major triplet. This may be a bit of a stretch for your fretboard hand as it's a 5 fret spread between 1st and 4th fingers. Use your thumb in the middle of the back of the fretboard to give yourself more length in your fingers.

Whenever we change the tapped note, we just use another note from the parent scale. e.g. for the A major taps....

The A major scale is: A - B - C# - D - E - F# - G# - A

So the A Major chord Triad is 1st + 3rd + 5th = A - C# - E

We start by tapping 4 times through this triad (reversed): E - C# - A

Then we change the tapped note from E to F# (the other 2 notes C# and A remain the same). The F# is still in the A major scale (it is the 6th note).

The same has been done for the other 2 triplets, for example the F# minor:

F# Minor scale: F# G# A B C# D E F#

F# Minor chord Triad is 1st + 3rd + 5th = F# - A - C# which is tapped 4 times, then D (6th note) is tapped 4 times instead of C# .

Tapping is a great way of exploring scales and seeing what notes work well together (or don't work). Once you can comfortably tap your way through these triplets, why not try finding your own note combinations to blaze through! You don't have to rigidly stick to scales - just experiment and have fun :)

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