Don't Cry (Pt1) Slash

Animated Don't Cry (Pt1) Slash tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This famous power ballad is in Eb tuning, so tune down each string by 1 note to:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

We're breaking the song down into 3 parts (Beginning - middle - end). Each part also has 2 guitars (Izzy on Rhythm and Slash on Lead). For this song we recommend sticking to Izzy's guitar for learning all the main chords and song parts. This is Slash's guitar and is played more as a harmony. Slash picks across chords all the way through whereas Izzy does the main strumming.


While Izzy plucks through the intro Slash just does a simple pre-bend. A pre-bend is where you bend the string up (by a full 2 notes in this case) and hold it. When the string is fully bent, pick it and slowly return the string to its natural resting position. If you do it right you won't get the upwards side of the bend sounding out. Just the bend downwards.


At this point we remove Izzy's guitar so you can just hear Slash's part. Switch to clean for this whole section of the song. The chord progressions are the same as Izzy, just a little more frilly:

A minor - D minor - G major - C major / small lick

There are some minor variations as he plays, but essentially the progression remains the same throughout the song.


F major (you need to use your thumb instead of barring across with your first finger if you want to get that hammer on) - G major - A minor

Repeat these chords a few times as shown and then end the chorus with:

C major / lick - A minor - G major - F major - G major - A minor

From there on, everything else is more of the same. At the end both guitarists punch the overdrive pedals and rock out with good ol' powerchords and a good solo. We'll look at that next in Part 2.

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