November Rain (Middle)

Animated November Rain (Middle) tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the middle part of the song. Here we look at the rhythm guitar chords. This is where Izzy kicks on the distortion, and supports Slash's first solo (the one outside the tiny church, which on the inside seems massive).

The tuning is Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

The chords here are much the same as we saw during the intro. The main difference is that powerchords are used more now the distortion is on.

E5 - F5 - C5 - E5 - F5 - D5

Repeat that sequence again, except for the last chord play G5 and hold it. After that, Slash begins the solo (which we look at in a separate ActionTab). This guitar part supports the solo by picking through the following chords:

F major - D minor - C major (repeat once)

D minor - G major - C major (repeat once)

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