Patience (Slash)

Animated Patience (Slash) tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see all the lead stuff played by Slash on acoustic guitar. Before venturing through this, you really need to know the basic chord progressions for the song. Shown in the Rhythm ActionTab. Slash plays around the same basic chord progressions, but with a lot of frills and solos added. This is quite difficult in places and mostly suitable for intermediates and above.

True to the song we're still in Eb tuning, so tune each string down by 1 fret to:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Although the backing chords for the song are very straightforward, Slash's stuff isn't played the same way twice. So you will need to pick through it from top to tail. Essentially he plays the same chords as the backing guitar, but picks through the chord notes individually and adds little licks sometimes. If you aren't concerned about learning the song note-for-note just follow the chords and play your own lead variations.

Solos - During the second half of the song Slash switches to playing acoustic solos. Most people will just want to learn the nice little lead licks from this part of the song. Listen through and learn the licks you like.

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