Breathe (Slide Fill)

Animated Breathe (Slide Fill) tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The main lead fills in this song are actually played on a Lap Steel Guitar. However, you can play it on a standard guitar too just as we show here.

Use a bottleneck slide, and remember to slide just over the fretwire to get the right notes. We show the bottleneck slide on the 2nd finger here, but you can use any finger you wish.

This guitar part is very simple really. All we are doing is playing over the 2 backing chords (Em add9 and A major).

Em - Hold the slide over the 12th fretwire and pick down across the G - B - E notes. Angle the slide up a little so only the E string is still in contact with the slide and then apply vibrato. This is one fast fluid movement, just like an arpeggio sweep.

slide to A major - Again, hold the slide over the 12th fretwire and play the D - G - B notes. This is close to an E minor chord. Then slide up to over the 14th fretwire. This gives you the A major chord (A - C# -E). Apply gentle vibrato.

Just keep repeating this as the backing chords swap between E and A!

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