Goodbye Blue Sky

Animated Goodbye Blue Sky tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This famous song from the Wall album is a lovely piece of fingerpicked classical guitar. It's great fingerpicking practice, and not too hard to learn your way through the song. The song can be broken down into a handful of riffs. Practice each riff separately and when you have them nailed, work at threading them together:

Riff 1 - Just a regular T1T2(T)1T1 fingerpicking pattern applied to an easy D7 chord. Notice that the (T) is a ghost note. That means it is barely audible. Just lightly pick it, or even leave it out altogether. The riff ends with this little lick.

Riff 2 - The first note is the open A string, which isn't picked because it follows the pull offs from the previous lick. When this riff is used again later in the song it is played slightly differently (each time). e.g. here and here.

Riff 3 - Very similar to riff 1, except that different fingers are used to hold the D7 chord, and this time the fingerpicking pattern is just T121 (with no ghost notes).

Riff 4 - Lovely little descending lick, interspersed with a B5 aug5 chord (picked the same way as the D7 was in riff 3). Just keep playing between the descending lick / B chord until the next riff appears (which is a variation of Riff 2).

Riff 5 - All the rest of the song is just repeats of the same riffs, until the end where he sings the last chorus 'goodbye blue sky'. During this, the guitar riff uses a few chords to back up the vocals. Then just end the song by playing out on Riff 1.

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