Another Brick in the Wall (pt2) Rhythm

Animated Another Brick in the Wall (pt2) Rhythm tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

One of the most famous songs from the Wall album. This is the song with the school kids singing 'We don't need no education". We do, however, need to know how to mute and use some light funk strumming for the main rhythm guitar.

The chords for this song are nice and easy to hold with your fretboard hand. Most of the skill in playing this song is to do with the strumming.

If you haven't gone through the Core Skills yet, we recommend watching this video and going through the Muting lessons. That will help you with funk strumming. Remember, it's all in the wrist!

The chords are:

D minor - G major - D minor - D minor - C major - D minor - C major - G major - F major - C major

Then hammer to D minor (repeat this short segment twice) - F major - C major - D minor

Break for a few bars, then come back in repeating the above chords once more. Listen to the Normal speed audio to get the pace, and feel right.

Remember you can use both hands to get 'dead stops' (covered in the video). Controlling all the strings is very important to get that tight, clear sound consistently. So, if you wish to thumb-mute the Lower 2 strings during play then do so. For people with longer fingers / thumbs this will make string control much easier. We show it without thumb-muting as it is largely down to your own preference / style.

Gilmore actually recorded 2 rhythm guitars in this song. They are 90% the same. However, there is one slight difference. While one guitar plays that long G major (i.e. the second chord shown above), the second guitar goes high - playing this G major over the top instead. Just use the chord shape we show at the end of the ActionTab instead (no audio, its just to show you the different chord shape). The fast strumming is similar for both G major chords.

Next we look at the Electric guitar for this song, including that unmistakable David Gilmore solo.... Epic !

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