Zombie (Guitar 2)

Animated Zombie (Guitar 2) tab by The Cranberries on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

If you can play guitar 1, this 2nd guitar will be no problem. It mainly backs up the heavy distorted guitar during the choruses. The difference is that guitar 1 plays powerchords, whereas this guitar batters through full chords instead. Same rhythm as previously, and also use 2 channels - clean and distorted. Use plenty of reverb and delay on the clean channel (if you have it), and a touch of chorus. Use only a little reverb and delay on the distorted guitar to give it more punch.

The chords to merrily batter through are:

E minor - C major - G minor - D major (repeat)

Just as with guitar 1, use your thumb on the C major to mute the low E string, and then use it to fret the F# note to get a fuller D major chord.

After that, there is a little clean guitar lick. It's simple to play, and sounds lovely. As you descend through the notes, hang on to them a little by keeping your finger on the string. Don't rush too fast to get to the next notes. If you have plenty of delay, the notes will bleed over each other nicely.

That's all there is to guitar 2! The segments repeat during the choruses, but always with the same chords.

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