Zombie (Guitar 1)

Animated Zombie (Guitar 1) tab by The Cranberries on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main guitar part for this song (there are 2 guitars). Both guitars actually alternate between a clean(ish) sound and full distortion, so it will help if you have footswitch for changing your amp channels, or an effects pedal.

For the clean sound (which the song starts with), use a little chorus, and plenty of delay and reverb. For the distorted guitar parts use full distortion, with only a touch of delay and reverb. This brings the guitar 'forward' in the mix and gives it more punch.

The song is actually pretty easy to play, as it mainly involves chopping between some very common chords:

E minor - C major - G major - D major

Notice that the C major can be played using the thumb to mute the Low E string. Also the D major actually uses the thumb to play the F# note on the Low E string. If you struggle with this, just play a standard D major chord (by omitting the low E and A strings).

The song then kicks into distorted guitar using the following (easy) powerchords:

E5 - C5 - G5 - F#5

Then kick the footswitch back to clean channel and play the open strings (mostly), ending in a little D major arpeggio. An arpeggio just means playing a chord note-by-note rather than strumming it in one go.

After this, gently palm mute the E minor chord 6 times, then open strum it, and hold for an extra beat. Then palm mute C major, open strum it, then palm mute G major (no open strum), finish with that little D major arpeggio (same as earlier).

From there on you should be set for everything else in the song. The melody at the end of the song is nice and easy. Just beware that the other guitar (which we look at next), leads into that melody using a clean sound...you can hear how in the normal speed audio. We've taken out guitar 2 in the ActionTab to avoid confusion (both guitars play similar chords). We'll look at that guitar next.

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