Animated Wrathchild tab by Iron Maiden on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Some classic early maiden here, and one of their easier songs. Just take the riffs slowly and build up to speed with practice. Here we see all the rhythm guitar parts for Wrathchild. There are 2 rhythm guitars playing in the original song - both rhythm guitars play the same stuff, except for the occasional harmony. So we condensed everything into 1 main ActionTab. Everything can be played nicely on 1 guitar. As usual, we show all the licks so nothing is left out:

Intro - This is a 'fatter' version of the main song riff. i.e. the low E string is used to give 'extra heaviness' to the chord riff. It's quite a simple riff, revolving around the E5 powerchord at fret 7. Just repeat it once again after this tail lick. Then go straight to the verse...

Verse - This is almost the same as the Intro. If anything it's a little easier to play because the Low E string isn't used so much. Also, there are some short held powerchord sequences which are nice and easy to play: here and here.

Notice that the tail lick always signifies another repeat. In the song one rhythm guitar always plays this tail lick, but sometimes the second guitar plays a harmony on top. We show the harmony wherever it is played - like here. Choose whichever you like most when jamming out the song.

Chorus - This is a fairly small sequence of riffs that punctuate the chorus lyrics 'I'm a Wrathchild' and 'Coming to get you'. Because the vocals and guitar bounce off each other here the riffs are quite punchy and abrupt, but not too hard to play.

Solo Backing - We've taken out all the lead guitar parts to avoid confusion (there are lots of little lead licks throughout the song). We'll show those lead licks in a separate ActionTab. But anyway, back to this section of the song; immediately after the first chorus there is a main solo. This is what the rhythm guitar plays to back up the lead guitar. The great news is, it's just the Intro riff repeated over and over again.

Interlude - Just play the tail end of the chorus riffs again. This part of the song serves to bring everything back together again after the solo. Then all guitars play the same Bridge section together...

Bridge - This is a sequence of 3 short riffs repeated:

Riff 1 (play 4 times) - Riff 2 (play twice) - Riff 3 (play twice) - Finish with the Chorus tail again.

You can use all downstrokes for these riffs if you are quick enough, and find it easier. However, if you are going to alternate pick (like we show here), start with the upstroke. It is easier that way.

From this point on, everything else in the song is just another full repeat from the first verse riff!

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