Powerslave (Adrian Smith)

Animated Powerslave (Adrian Smith) tab by Iron Maiden on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Dave Murray and Adrian Smith are the two guitarists, and here we see Adrian Smith's guitar part. The main song riffs are the same as Dave Murrays, except he uses octave chords to provide melodies during the pre-chorus and outro. Also his lead guitar parts are different, and he provides rhythm guitar during Dave's solos:

Verse Riff - Same as Dave Murray. Uses typical Maiden rhythm picking (their trademark galloping sound by using triplets). It always repeats after this little Egyptian style lick.

You need to alternate between open chord stabs and tight palm muting on the A string. Go slowly and get the picking right, only then work at building speed. It's not as hard as it seems, but you need to work at developing the speed.

Pre-Chorus Riff - Adrian Smith uses octave chords to provide this little melody.

Chorus Riff - Starts with 3 powerchords, then play this riff. Repeat. Again, it's tricky, so you need to go slowly at first and then build speed last.

Solo Backing - Adrian plays this B minor chord while Dave does the first solo. Use a clean guitar sound. We've taken out Dave's solo here so you can hear the chords clearly.

Solo - Adrian takes over lead guitar at this point of the song with this solo (using notes from the B natural minor scale).

Harmony - In this interlude Dave and Adrian play this harmony. Typical Iron Maiden stuff here i.e. twin lead.

Solo Backing 2 - Dave does his second solo (last solo in the song). Meanwhile Adrian plays these backing chords. End with these powerchords. Then back to the main verse riffs.

Outro - The song ends by playing this shortened version of the Chorus (so Bruce has time to repeat his lines about being a slave to the power of death). Then end on the powerchords shown here. Adrian does more octave chord melodies on his guitar as the song ends.

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