Use Somebody (Rhythm)

Animated Use Somebody (Rhythm) tab by Kings of Leon on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is what many musicians call a '4 chord wonder' of a song. As you might expect, that means that just 4 chords will get you through the majority of it. Even better, there is only 1 barre chord shape used throughout, making things even easier! This is a good beginner-friendly song. If you need to know more about barre & powerchords - see this section / video.

There are 2 guitar parts for this song. Here we look at the rhythm guitar part. This is comprised of a standard chord sequence, using just the E barre chord shape. Because there is just one shape, moving between the chords is very straightforward. That makes learning this song nice and easy. Just be aware that you are hearing another guitar in the background too - the lead guitar. We'll look at that in a separate ActionTab. For this guitar, just use a little distortion. Although, it sounds good on acoustic guitar too.

Main chords:

C major - C major (just add the Low open E by removing your first finger) - F major

Repeat that sequence again. Notice that the high strings are muted. It's not necessary to do that, you can strum the full chords and it'll sound nice. As always, we're just being true to the song. Finish up with this sequence:

A minor - C major - F major

Learn that, and you'll know 90% of the song, as those 2 sequences are played throughout. In fact the next verses are just the same chords, but only using the Low 3 strings! As for the rest of the verses they are played the same way as the intro. So, that just leaves the bridge...


D major - F#5 - Just alternate between these two, then return to the main chord sequence again.

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