Animated Radioactive tab by Kings of Leon on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is only a handful of riffs. The riffs are relatively easy to learn. The hard part is getting them up to normal speed because some riffs are played quite fast. So, practice each one at a slower speed until you get it right, then work on building your speed. We've condensed both guitars into one track so you can see all the riffs in one ActionTab...

Riff 1 - Although this is simple, the timing of the picking is a bit weird. Slide up the A string to fret 8 and follow the picking pattern shown. It is a short riff and repeats from the slide each time it is played (intro and outro).

Riff 2 - This is a little repeating lead lick involving pull offs using your 2nd and 3rd fingers. Go as slow as you need to practice it at first. Once your fingers get used to the actions for this lick, start speeding it up. It is played quite fast in the song, but it's not as hard as it seems. The lick only involves a few repeating pull off actions.

Riff 3 - Another repeating lick. This one uses palm muting, and you need to fret across 2 strings at times in preparation for upcoming notes.

Riff 4 - The lead guitar plays a simple repeating lick. This is the easiest lead lick. The trick is to use fast alternate picking on the 2 notes at fret 13, then for the last 4 strikes add your 3rd finger at fret 15. Repeat.

On the very last time, you can use your second finger as we show here. This leaves your fingers in a better position for the next riff (which is just Riff 2 played again).

Riff 5 - While the lead guitar plays Riff 4, the rhythm guitar plays this F5 powerchord. Slide into it and use the strumming pattern we show here. It repeats each time from the slide.

And that's all the guitar riffs used throughout the song, just switch between riffs as needed.

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