Tighten Up (Rhythm)

Animated Tighten Up (Rhythm) tab by Black Keys on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main rhythm guitar for Tighten Up by the Black Keys. It's a very simple song, with only 2 main progressions, so shouldn't take too long to learn!

Verse - The song starts with the verse chords. It's a nice and simple 4 chord progression. It uses fast chord stabs on the off-beats, with muting between. Strike each chord twice. Check out our section / video on muting if you aren't sure about how to play this technique.

Use standard barre chord shapes to cycle through this progression:

F# minor - C# minor - B minor - C# major

Chorus - Use a heavier distorted sound for the choruses if possible. Except for the tail end, the chorus doesn't use stabs (although you can, and it sounds good). Just pump through the following chord progression using normal strums:

F# minor (3 times) - C# minor (5 times)

Play that three times. Then finish with this tail:

A major - B major (use muting between strikes)

Repeat as many times as needed then return to the verse chords again. That's all the rhythm guitar does for the whole song!

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