Tighten Up (Lead 1)

Animated Tighten Up (Lead 1) tab by Black Keys on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 2 lead guitars that play harmonies together throughout much of the song. Here you can see the first guitar, which plays the lower harmony. We've turned the 2nd lead guitar way down so you can hear this one clearly. There are some gaps between the harmonies, but these are not very long. The good news is that the harmonies are basically the same each time (with a little variation). So there's not a whole lot to worry about learning once you have the main licks down. At the end of the song this guitar switches to play the same chorus / outro chords as the Rhythm Guitar.

Here are the licks in order (click the links to jump straight to them):

Lick 1 - We're skipping the start of the song a little bit to get straight to the first lick. This little lick uses the F# minor scale. It is quite fast and involves some trickery with fast hammer ons. Just go really slow until you get it right and then work on speed. Once you have this lick nailed, the rest will come more quickly as they are very similar.

Lick 2 - After a short gap this second variation of Lick 1 is played. It is the same overall melody, but there are some differences.

Lick 3 - Again, very similar to the previous 2 licks.

Chorus Lick - This melody is still in F# minor, but is played higher up the neck. It is longer than the previous licks, but involves the same style and techniques: hammers, pull offs and slides.

After this part of the song, just repeat these again: Lick 2 - Lick 3 - Chorus (played exactly the same, except at the very end of the chorus he does some kinda weird whammy / slidey effect).

At the end of the song just join in with the rhythm guitar playing the same thing (Chorus chord progression):

F# minor (3 times) - C# minor (5 times)

Play that three times. Then finish with this tail:

A major - B major (use muting between strikes)

Just repeat that until the end of the song.

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