The Jean Genie

Animated The Jean Genie tab by David Bowie on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

One of the most dynamic musicians from Britain, David Bowie's albums are notoriously different - from each other, nevermind different to other musicians. Speaking of Albums - this track is on a lot of them. His compilation albums breed. Beware.

The Jean Genie is a famous song, and relatively easy to learn.

The song has a basic blues-rock format with an E A B A chord progression. We've made this version so that the song works for 1 guitar. In the original recording the bass guitar carries the repeating Low E, and here we've added it into the strumming for the guitar. It doesn't sound much good without it.

The high note bend at the end of the chorus section is tricky to get fast (beginners beware). If this is too difficult, just carry on playing the basic riff instead using your little finger and the A barre chord (fret 5) as you were previously doing instead of shooting up to fret 11 for the note bend. We put it in, because it works better. In the original recording, another guitar plays that part.

The ActionTab version cuts the main verse riff down a little (the Low E and open A major chord bit). Instead of this riff repeating 18 times (like it does in the song and in the ActionTab's 'normal speed version'), in the ActionTab animation it repeats 12 times. That's plenty to get the idea, and yet skillfully avoid hypnotising yourself with repetitive chords.

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