Heroes (Lead)

Animated Heroes (Lead) tab by David Bowie on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Although this is trickier stuff than the rhythm guitar parts we've looked at, it's not too bad once you get stuck in. If you are a new guitarist concentrate on breaking the lead down into small chunks (e.g. 5 notes at a time, or whatever works for you). Practice each chunk slowly. Keep repeating your chunk over and over until you have the hang of it. Then speed it up, and when ready, move on to your next chunk and work on it the same way. Then your practice is more a case of learning to thread the chunks together smoothly.

Don't worry about going very slowly, that's ok. It's all a case of training your fingers to do the licks well. Always get technique right before working on speed. That will come with more practice and concentration. Get good, clean notes and don't worry about making mistakes. That'll happen. Just keep working at it until your fingers seem to do it all by themselves!

The good news is that the lead licks are quite simple and highly repetitive in this song. You don't need to fly around the fretboard here, and there aren't thousands of notes to remember!

Verse - We won't start off with the intro, instead let's practice starting from the 2nd verse. That's because the intro is nearly the same, but gets a little fancy in the middle. Once you know the main verse licks, the intro will be easier to follow.

The lick is quite simple, and just repeats itself - always after these 3 notes are played in order. Apply the 'chunk' practice technique and you'll own this lick.

That lick repeats for every verse, so once you know it, you'll have half the song down! The only exception is the intro, so now let's look at that...

Intro - This is exactly the same as the verse lick, except you need to play higher up the neck, starting here. You don't have to play this lead guitar part, you can just carry on with the usual verse lick if you prefer. So don't stress out if you find it awkward. Come back to it later and work on it when you've got the rest of the song down.

Chorus - This is a great little melody. Very catchy and fun to play once you have the hang of it. It's based on the D major chord shape. The most awkward part is the bend with your 2nd finger. Use your first finger to support the bend from behind if you need to. It's a half bend, not a full bend. That means you only need to bend the string up by 1 note, not 2.

Take it slowly, and apply the chunk method. The melody is exactly the same for each chorus.

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