The Game (Triple H Theme) Eb

Animated The Game (Triple H Theme) Eb tab by Motorhead on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A fun little metal tune from those mighty monsters of rock - Motorhead. It is used as the Theme for Triple H in Wrestling. It is in Eb tuning, i.e. tune each string down by 1 note to:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

Here is a version in standard E tuning (to save you re-tuning) if you prefer - click here. It's exactly the same, just not quite as heavy sounding as Eb.

The song is beginner-friendly. It is mainly simple powerchords, interspersed with some pick slides and a very easy bridge (just alternate between 2 notes). Make sure to watch the video on powerchords if you are lost.

Just be mindful that often muting is used between some powerchords to bring everything to a dead stop. Like here. Watch this video on muting if you need to. At the end of the muting video is how to bring the guitar to a dead stop between chords. You don't have to use the 1st finger as we show here, you can use your 2nd and 3rd fingers to mute on the Low Eb string instead if you prefer. Or thumb-mute it. It really doesn't matter - as long as you get those sudden stops.

Pick slides are where you use the edge of the pick (poke it out from between your thumb / finger) and scrape it down the length of 2 strings. Like here. It sounds cool and is a common metal technique. With some practice you'll get it.

In the song there are 2 guitars. In this ActionTab we swap between those 2 guitar parts so that you can learn everything in 1 shot.

Have Fun!

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