Animated Bomber tab by Motorhead on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the signature tune from the Bomber Album. There are only a few song parts / riffs to learn. The main song riff is typical of the band - heavy, fast and catchy. Like a lot of Motorhead songs it is in Eb tuning, so each string is tuned down by 1 fret / note to:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

Main Riff - Although you only need to play around 1 chord shape, your string control and strumming needs to be accurate. If you find the first part of the riff hard, try using your 3rd finger to fret all away across the 9th fret, instead of using your 4th finger (as we show). Depending on your finger shape, you may find that easier.

Trill issue

Getting the trills right will probably take some time. A trill is just a repeating hammer / pull off sequence played very fast, you only pick the first note to get the ball rolling - the rest is down to your fretboard hand.

If you are getting dead notes it may be just that your 1st finger needs to be more focused on holding that 2nd and 3rd string down. It depends on your finger shape / guitar type. Don't be afraid to shift from fretting all 6 strings with that finger to just fretting from the 3rd string - or try fretting across 4 or 5 of the strings instead (less movement is needed for that, and you are still in a good position to return to all 6 strings). So, just quickly shift your first finger across by a string or two). The important thing is that you can bring enough pressure down to fret that 3rd string without losing position or breaking stride. We've put a few examples of what we mean in the last few riffs to show you - starting here. Notice that each time as fret 9 is struck, the 1st finger has time to shift across the frets. It doesn't matter by how much, as long as you can get that G string properly pressed down for the trill.

Whichever method you use, go slowly and stick at just the first chord position (at fret 7). Get that right first, then the rest will follow easily enough. This riff swaps between frets 7 and 5, playing the same thing each time.

Riff 2 - This is just a standard powerchord played in 1 position. Fast Eddie switches between playing 1 or both strings of the powerchord.

Riff 3 - Again with the powerchords, but this time both strings are always played. We've also included the little lead fills that Fast Eddie plays during these parts. You can see the chord progression again later with no fills here.

Like most Motorhead songs, there is no palm muting. Instead, pound out those powerchords aggressively!

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